Hi, I'm Dr. Carrie Burhenn. I'm a veterinarian at the Feline Medical Clinic in Vancouver, Washington and I'm here today to tell you how to treat a cat tapeworm. Tapeworms are very common parasites in cats and most commonly diagnosed by their owners by seeing little small segments that are either where the cat lies, or where they're sleeping, or sometimes on the bedding itself where the cat has been. They often look like little sesame seeds or grains of rice. They're small and white often, and can be moving as well. Tapeworms are usually acquired by a cat either by eating a flea, or a mouse that carries the intermediate segment within it. It is relatively easy to get rid of these worms but it does require medication that is usually by prescription through your veterinarian. Many over the counter wormers do not eliminate tapeworms, so you would want to check with your veterinarian first to see if this is an effective medication. Some cats do not like taking pills and there are three different medications approved to eliminate cat, tapeworms in cats. Two of them are pills and your veterinarian may be able to give these for you or may dispense them to you if you're comfortable giving pills. But there's also a new topical medication that you apply to the back of the cats neck. It's a little more expensive, but for cats who will not take pills, this is an acceptable alternative and it's very effective. I hope this has been of help to you and if you have any other additional questions about treating tapeworms in cats, or if you think that your cat may have a tapeworm, contact your veterinary.