How to Decorate a Garden Shed

Once a garden shed is in place and viewed in its final setting, you can begin to decorate and tie this important piece into the rest of the landscape. Gardens sheds should match the existing architecture or landscape; garden shed decorating follows the same scheme.

Use the garden shed design as a decoration for the garden by creating a miniature red schoolhouse, an English cottage or a stone and timber frame.

Attach a weather vane to the peak of the garden shed. Choose a traditional rooster weather vane or a shape of another favorite animal.

Add a wooden or castle style cupola to the garden shed roof. A cupola adds height to the structure and an elegant piece of artistry.

Hang bird feeders and birdbaths on the side of the garden shed in a choice of materials and styles. Stand a birdbath near the front of the shed and set up birdhouses in the trees nearby.

Decorate the outside of the shed and over the entrance with old garden tools, clay pots and straw garden hats.

Arrange dried flowers in hanging baskets, swaths over the windows and around the entrance. Use lavender, sage and other strongly scented plants to hang near the garden shed door.

Nail flower boxes under the windows of the garden shed and plant cascading nasturtiums or moss roses. Set matching flower boxes near the path to the shed door and add other flower containers around the outside of the shed.

Lean a trellis against the side of the shed for roses, ivy or other plants to climb the wall.

Hang wind chimes around the garden shed and rain chains on the corners near the gutters or in place of them, dripping into rain barrels for watering the garden.

Fasten terra-cotta garden art to the side of the garden shed. Garden art comes in butterfly, fairy, sun and flower designs.


Plant flowers around the garden shed for easy decoration.

Things You'll Need

  • Weather vane
  • Cupola
  • Bird feeder
  • Old garden tools
  • Dried flowers
  • Flower boxes
  • Trellis
  • Wind chimes
  • Garden art
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