How to hide your scalp when parting thin hair

Male pattern baldness is an ailment that affects most men at some point in their lives. Although the most common version of this that men experience is a receding hairline, thinning of hair throughout the scalp can also be a problem, making men feel self conscious. Hair transplants have become popular, being used by celebrities such as footballer Wayne Rooney or Chef Gordon Ramsay. They are expensive, though, and will be out of most men's price range of what they are willing to spend. With the help of a hair loss concealer, this problem can be treated simply, easily and cost effectively.

Hiding Your Scalp

Wash your hair. Make sure it is dry before application.

Apply hair loss concealer evenly across the areas of the scalp most affected. Point your head towards the mirror so you can see what you are doing.

Style hair as desired with the parting that you want. You can use a comb or your hands to do this.

Re-apply concealer along the parting if scalp is still showing or desired look hasn't yet been achieved.

Use a face cream or moisturiser to remove any traces of the concealer that are on your face or neck.


You do not need to wash your hair before applying hair concealer; your hair simply needs to be dry.

Avoid parting along the thinnest areas, so if you are thinning through the temples, avoid parting at the highest part, instead part to either side.

Often, styling hair forwards can easily hide a high forehead, so consider a cut that allows for styling forward and upwards, rather than back and flat.

If the thinnest part of the hair is in the top back, styling the hair back and up, with hair styled up towards the centre from the sides, will create the illusion of more hair through the top of the head


When using a hair loss concealer, always research the product before use to make sure it is passes health and safety checks. There are many products on the internet that are scams.

For some men, using a hair loss concealer will make them feel more self-conscious, worrying about whether or not people can tell that they are using a product to hide thinning hair.

Things You'll Need

  • Comb
  • Sink
  • Mirror
  • Hair loss concealer
  • Face cream
  • Moisturiser
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