How to fade sideburns into a beard

Having a beard that will look good and be acceptable in the workplace takes much more than just not shaving. Grooming a beard that looks good and suits your face actually takes time and discipline. An often neglected part of this is the patch next to your ear where the beard and sideburns meet. The solution for a smooth and professional beard is a very simple grooming technique using an adjustable trimmer.

Adjust the shaver to the desired length. The length on beard trimmers is usually in millimetres and will begin at 1 and go up to as many as 9.

Begin at the bottom of your jaw and place the trimmer against your face. Slowly run the trimmer to the bottom of your ear. When you tilt it backwards, it shaves at a longer length. Shave your beard to desired length, then carefully, using a scooping motion, roll the shaver upwards and backwards to blend the lengths.

Tilt the trimmer backwards and continue up to your sideburns. By tilting the trimmer away from your face, you will achieve a longer length.

Roll the shaver backwards and upwards along the area to blend the beard and sideburn lengths together, being careful not to press down too hard on your sideburns as you will cut them too short if you do.


For all beard shaping, especially around the jawline, vertical shaping will nicely square off the jaw, avoid rounding off the beard around the side and jaw. For longer beards, comb the hair backwards horizontally along the side of the face, then trim vertically to an even length straight down along the jaw. When it's combed down it should blend nicely.

Things You'll Need

  • Adjustable beard trimmer
  • Mirror
  • Sink
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