How do I Open a Laser Hair Removal Clinic?

Updated February 21, 2017

Laser hair removal is an aesthetic procedure during which professionals utilise laser machines to remove hair follicles from their patients. Starting a laser hair-removal business requires licensure and understanding how to start a business.

Find a Location

Secure a location for the laser hair-removal business. This location should be carefully selected to attract customers. Shopping malls, shopping malls or medical parks are common places for this type of business.

Obtain Business Licenses

Apply for necessary business licenses within the city the business will be operated in. The type of licenses needed vary according to the jurisdiction where the business is located. Business.Gov offers a searchable database of all business licenses and permits categorised by state and business type. Take note, obtaining business licenses/permits requires a minimal financial investment.

Purchase Laser Equipment

Buy a laser system that is ideal for your business needs. As of 2010, the top hair-removal laser system manufacturers include Palomar, Sciton, Lumenis and Cynosure. You should understand that a professional-quality hair-removal laser system can cost up to £65,000. This price, however, will vary according to the features and manufacturer of the system.

Hire Licensed Aestheticians and Medical Director

Hire aestheticians that hold a valid cosmetology/aesthetician license within your state. Only hire professionals who have experience or speciality in laser hair removal. After selecting aestheticians, hire a medical director to oversee the functions of the clinic. Medical directors are to be on-call throughout the operating hours of the business in case of medical emergencies.

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