What is colour gloss for hair?

Updated July 19, 2017

Many hair colours fade quickly. A colour gloss can help your colour last longer while conditioning your hair and adding shine at the same time.

About colour gloss

A hair colour gloss is a solution to extend your hair colour. It has fewer damaging essential ingredients than standard hair dye.

Colour gloss benefits

The gloss formula helps to seal the hair cuticles, which helps the hair colour last longer. It can also tone down hair colour or highlights that are too bright or brassy. Hair gloss can condition hair and add shine.

Applying hair gloss

A colour gloss can be semi-permanent when used with heat, or it can be temporary when the application is done without heat. A gloss goes into the hair cuticles, and it can last for two to four weeks.


If you just want shine, look for a "clear" gloss. If you're looking to enhance your colour, bump up your highlights or tone down your highlights, choose a gloss with "semi-permanent" colour.


The price of colour gloss varies. Many gloss products can be purchased for around £6 at your local chemist shop or supermarket. Salons usually charge around £32 for a colour gloss hair treatment.

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