How to Use Goldwell Color

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Goldwell hair colour is used to permanently alter the natural colour of your hair. As with most permanent hair colours, the Goldwell hair colour is mixed with a developer, applied to the hair and allowed to process, changing the hair colour.

Goldwell is a professional hair colour line that can only be found in professional hair salons.

Select the desired shade of Goldwell hair colour. Each Goldwell colour bottle or tube has a designated number and letter combination which denotes its colour. The number indicates the level of colour, from two to 10, and the letter indicates the underlying colour tones. Levels 11 and 12 are reserved for high-lift blonde hair colours.

Select the proper level of developer to mix with the Goldwell hair colour. Use 10 volume developer if you are colouring your hair darker, 20 volume developer to lighten up to one shade lighter or cover grey hair, and 30 or 40 volume developer to lighten the hair two to four levels respectively.

Mix the Goldwell hair colour and developer in a colour bowl or Goldwell colour applicator. Use a 1:1 ratio for levels two through 10. For high lift blondes mix two parts developer to one part hair colour. Ensure the developer and hair colour is thoroughly mixed.

Apply the mixed hair colour to the hair with a colour brush or applicator. For root touch ups, apply the hair colour to the regrowth only. For new applications, also called virgin applications, apply the hair colour first to the mid-shaft of hair one inch from the scalp and one inch from the ends of the hair. Next apply the hair colour to the roots, followed by the ends.

Allow the hair colour to sit on the hair and process. Processing time is 30 minutes for regrowth touch ups when hair colour levels two through 10 are used. High-lift blonde processing time is 45 minutes.

Rinse the hair colour from the hair thoroughly and apply conditioner to the hair. Allow the conditioner to sit on the hair for one to two minutes and rinse thoroughly.