How to mix acrylic blonde color

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Mixing a blonde colour can be tricky because the colour blonde contains many different shades of yellow, white and brown, and there are different shades of blonde, including dirty blonde, straw blonde, strawberry blonde, white blonde, ash blonde or caramel blonde.

Choose the colour of blonde that you want to end up with before starting to mix colours to avoid ending up with a muddy mess of colours.

Start with a base of yellow, white or flesh colour. The base colour you start with will depend on the type of blonde you want to achieve. Experiment with colouring on a scrap piece of paper before applying the paint to the canvas or model.

Add a small amount of yellow or olive green paint to the base colour for the first layer of blonde.

Add a few drops of water to some red, brown or olive green paint to create a colour wash. Brush the colour onto the hair to create shadows in the hair. Allow the wash to dry.

Dab a small amount of bright yellow or white paint onto a paintbrush. Wipe most of the paint off onto a paper towel. Brush the paint onto the hair carefully in areas where the light would hit to create highlights. Allow the colour to dry. Add another wash of a light brown or olive colour if the blonde ended up too light. You can also add a wash of grey for a slightly different shade of blonde.