How to Use Jerome Russell Hair Bleach

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Bleaching your hair without the assistance of a professional stylist is a risky endeavour. A bleach kit, such as one offered by Jerome Russell, can make the process significantly easier. Detailed instructions and pre-measured ingredients give even the novice the tools needed to lighten hair at home.

The bleach will remove pigment from your locks, taking it to its lightest shade. You can leave your hair this shade, or add a toner or colour cream after the bleach application is complete.

Ensure your hair is dry and wait at least one day after your last wash before applying the bleach.

Put on your plastic gloves and drape an old towel or similar item over your shoulders to protect clothing.

Carefully pour the contents of the Jerome Russell bleaching kit into your bowl. For most bleach kits, this will consist of an envelope of powdered bleach and a small bottle of peroxide. Use a nonmetallic utensil to mix the contents until they are a smooth, creamy consistency.

Use the included brush to apply the bleach mixture to your hair, working from the ends of your hair up. Read the included instructions carefully for specific tips on how to create highlights, streaks or all-over bleaching effects. Bleach should be applied to the roots of your hair last as they will bleach the fastest. Follow dye kit recommendations for specifics based on your hair colour.

Leave the mixture on your hair for the time recommended in the instructions. This varies depending on the amount of lightening you wish to achieve and your current hair colour. Generally, you should start with 20 minutes, wipe of a small amount of bleach off to test the effects and then decide to rinse or leave it on for more time.

Rinse the bleach mixture from your hair using warm water. Shampoo hair as you normally would.