The right hairstyle for a receding hairline

Updated February 21, 2017

The thought of going bald can send some men right to the hat closet for something to cover their heads. Not to fret: Men with receding hairlines don't have to spend their lives in baseball caps. Certain hairstyles work quite nicely with receding hairlines, often making them appear as if they do not exist. Others, however, may do just the opposite and bring more attention to the hair loss.


When trying to work with a receding hairline, first gauge where and how much of the hairline is receding. If the hairline is barely receding, small shifts in the hairstyle, such as the addition of fringe or layers, will do the trick. If the hairline is extremely far back on the head, going with fringe or a shaggy look may end up making you look less fashionable and more like a clown. Another option with which to offset a receding hairline (or very short hair, or an entirely bald head) is to grow some facial hair, such as a beard, moustache or goatee.


Some guys look fetching with fringe, while others end up looking like they never graduated third grade. If fringe can be pulled off, several options abound to help hide a receding front hairline. An all-over, medium-length shaggy look does the trick, with layers throughout the head and fringe reaching to at least the eyebrows. The Caesar cut, named after Emperor Julius himself, is another way to wear fringe. This cut features short hair around the sides and back of the head. The top is left a tad longer and tapers down into fringe.


Buzz cuts--in which a clipper is used to closely shave the scalp--are a good way to just go with the balding flow. With ultra-short hair, bald spots make for less of a contrast with the scalp. Several types of buzz cut are available, with varying lengths. The brush cut features hair that is short and conforms to the shape of the head along the sides and back, but is a bit longer on top, sticking up like a brush. The butch is an all-over 1/4-inch cut, while the burr is an all-over cut of 1/8 inch or less.


Shaving your head entirely will definitely get rid of any signs of a receding hairline. Like fringe, some men can pull it off as an incredibly sexy look--such as good old Telly Savalas--while others may look like a cue ball. Bald heads are best shaved daily to keep them sleek, smooth and touchable.


Just as there are a number of fashionable ways to work with a receding hairline, there are a number of styles that just don't work. Keeping your long ponytail or tresses on the sides and back while the top of you scalp shines in the sun usually doesn't cut it. Toupees may have advanced dramatically, but they seldom appear real, and often look more like a bathroom rug. The comb-over, in which a lengthy swath of hair is combed over the bald spot, also ends up often looking unnatural and unfashionable.

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