Homemade police costumes

People have been dressing up as police officers since the advent of the Halloween costume. You need very little crafting skill to make your own police costume. Best of all, you can put a number of different spins on the police Halloween costume.

The Standard Uniform

Most police officers wear all one colour. Traditionally, that colour is navy blue, but sometimes highway patrol, troopers and forest rangers wear tan. Get a button-down shirt and flat-front slacks in the colour of your choosing. Uniform trousers and shirts work great and you can often find them at second-hand clothing stores. Buy clothes that fit you perfectly because police officers do not wear loose clothing. Remember to wear the shirt tucked into the trousers.

The Accessories

The accessories you need for your police Halloween costume may include handcuffs, a hat, a truncheon, a holster or belt, a fake gun, nameplate and badge. You can purchase most of these things second-hand or from a dollar store. You can also make many of these things out of cardboard. For instance, you can make your nameplate and badge by cutting the shapes out of cardboard. Paint the badge gold and glue a safety pin on the back. Paint the nameplate silver and write "Officer" followed by your name. Glue a safety pin on the back of the nameplate as well. When both are dry, pin them on your shirt.

Police Costume Variations

There are many ways you can deviate from the standard police costume. To dress as a sexy cop, wear a short skirt instead of trousers. To dress as a zombie cop, make your uniform look dusty with flour and rip it up a bit. You can also dress as a famous cop such as Erik Estrada from Chips. Go with a tan uniform, a cowboy hat, dark sunglasses and write "Ponch" on your nameplate.

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