Sexy Party Ideas for Adults

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Party fun and games aren't just child's play. Parties that cater specifically to adults are opportunities to unwind and let loose through fun conversation, food and activities. Parties with sexy adult themes are especially intriguing since they offer a chance to be playful with friends and loved ones. Sexy parties don't need to be over-the-top in order to be successful; instead, craft a gathering that is flirty and creative to ensure comfort and fun for all guests.

Grown-up Sleepover

Sleepover parties are as fun for adults as they are for children. Invite your adult friends over for a retro sleepover party that relives some of the class activities of your adolescence. For an added sexy twist, instruct guests to attend in their sexiest sleepwear. Lay several mattresses on the floor of your living room to serve as the party area. Serve slumber party munchies like popcorn, chips, candy and pizza. Entertain guests throughout the night with adult versions of common slumber party games like spin the bottle, in which one guest spins an empty bottle on the floor and must kiss whoever the bottle points to. Grown-up versions of truth or dare may also get a sexy twist in an adult version of the classic game. End the night with a marathon of R-rated movies.

Costume Party

Put a sexy twist on a Halloween party by hosting a sexy costume party for adults. On the party invitations, provide each guest with a neutral costume like teacher, doctor or super hero and challenge them to create a sexy costume of their character. During the party, turn a hallway into a catwalk as guests strut their stuff and try their best to demonstrate why their costume is the best and the sexiest of them all. Choose a winner based on the loudest round of applause from other party guests and award a sexy costume prize such as a play whip. Serve dark, indulgent foods like red wine, spiked punch and chocolate-covered strawberries.

Body Art Party

A body art party for adults is a way to combine sexiness and artistry. Talk to local tattoo parlours and art colleges about hiring a body artist to offer treatments to party guests. Consider temporary tattoos, henna, adhesive rhinestone art or body painting. For an extra twist, lay out a large roll of butcher block paper and invite freshly painted guests to leave a body print with their signature. When dry, divide the mural among the guests or frame a large section as art in your home. Carry the art theme into the food and drink by serving colourful blue or red cocktails and an array of creative finger foods like cucumber sandwiches, red-hot chicken wings and miniature red velvet cupcakes.

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