Cake decoration ideas for baptism

A pink baptism cake for a girl.

Baptisms are practised by many religions, including Christians and Catholics. The baptism ceremony is often followed by a party or reception in honour of the person who was just baptised. Cake is almost always served at the reception. Bake and decorate a beautiful baptism cake that will bring a smile to the face of the newly baptised person and his or her family.

A Cross

Cakes in the shape of a cross are not only beautiful and symbolic, but they are simple to make (see the link in the resource section for specific instructions on how to make a cross). Decorate the cross with the person's name, and add cupcake "flowers" at the base of the cross. If you don't want to use the person's name, you could write a message of congratulations, or adorn the cross with a flowering vine instead of words.


Sometimes words mean more than pictures. Bake a simple sheet cake, and use tubes of icing to write a favourite scripture on the cake. Alternately, write a welcome message, such as "Welcome to the family of God!" or even "[person's name], Jesus loves you!" if it is a child or baby. Dress up the words and the sheet cake with a plastic cross, baby booties for a baby's baptism, or other religious symbols, which you can usually find at any Christian book or gift store. Some bakeries will even put your child's photo in edible form on the cake using a special process.

Especially for Children

Cakes for babies are especially sweet. Bake your newly baptised baby's cake in the shape of an angel, (angels are also suitable for older children or even adult baptisms as well), or if you are an artist, create a cake in the shape of your baby's baptismal gown. Often, baptism cakes look like little wedding cakes. Create a pink tiered cake for that special girl who was just baptised, or a blue one for a boy. Some children might even prefer cupcakes arranged in a special pattern, such as a cross, to a cake.

A Bible

If you or someone you know is an artist in the kitchen, consider creating a cake in the shape of an open Bible. On one of the pages, write the person's name and date of baptism with a tube of icing. On the facing page, write a favourite scripture. You can even place a real bookmark in the middle of the two pages as a gift to the person being baptised. Protect the bookmark from the frosting by first laying down a small strip of waxed paper.

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