Hi, I'm Stan DeFreitas; Mr. Green Thumb. I'm going to show you how to stop those pesky bugs from eating your pepper plants. And these are the things you're going to need. You're going to need a little pump-up sprayer; a small one like this. You're going to need some pesticide like Dipel or Thuricide and you'll need a good water supply. We all know that chewing insects are one of the most difficult problems in raising pepper plants. One of the things you need to do of course when you mix up your solution is to use it according to the label directions. Now I usually use Dipel or Thuricide which is an organic base pesticide. The bacillus thuringiensis is totally safe for people. The next stage we're going to fill it this up with water up to the label direction and make sure when you do fill it up with your Thuricide or Dipel bacillus thuringiensis that you of course take it, add your water to it; really pump it up to make sure you've got good pressure. If you're using a Dipel or Thuricide know that you can eat the vegetable then about a day period or the same same day. Alright, the next step once we've mixed up our pesticide or Dipel or Thuricide which is actually the same thing; we're going to build our pressure and we're actually going to spray the plant to the point it ran off. You can see we're going to get good coverage; both on the top of the plant and also underneath the plant 'cause the little beastie sometimes will get where you least expect them. In conclusion with your pepper plants, make sure that you watch them on a regular basis; you use your chemicals according to directions and that's the best way to keep your pepper plants for your problems. I'm Stan DeFreita, Mr. Green Thumb.