Hi I am Deborah Quinn with Pastry Swan Bakery in Palm Desert, California, and today we are going to show you some ideas for retirement cakes. A lot of lots of fun stuff for retirement but what we think of first is relaxation so today that is what we are going to work on something that is towards their relaxation. Okay this is our idea for a fun retirement cake, what we are going to do is we are going to make a little pool saying something relaxing. So this is our European fondant that we have covered in a brown, so this is going to be our stone work. We have a little molder here which is a fun pebble look so this will be a nice indentation for the stone look around the pool. So this is Les, he is going to just basically with a small scrap press in the little stone decoration and then we will be able to just cut out the pieces that we want to go around the pool. So we are going to take a small knife and just cut out some little pieces to give us a molding of some stone around the pool that we are going to do. We have a little bit of cornstarch on our table. So we have got a little bit of, stretching on there, fondant is very easily just easy to mold back together. So, he has done a little oval shape for the pool section and we have got our stone look imprint on there, we have got a little bit of a clear gel that is already colored blue but you can definitely take any color gel and make it different colors as well with food coloring. So we have got a small spatula he is just going to add us a little bit of water in the pool area. And we are going to make a little body that is going to be relaxing inside the pool. What we have used for the body is we are going to use some marzipan. The little body has just some little hands and legs his little face, we will make him some hair right now. We are going to put him on a little float out of a yellow color fondant, he is going to make us a little float for our little retirement guy to float on. And just pipe an edging on the base here and give it some color on there. And he looks very retired. I have just a couple little items that we are going to put on there. We have a little umbrella, for the retired guy's shade there, and then of course a little palm tree. We will do a little bit of a red and yellow etching to go on there to to kind of blend in with the decoration that is on top. He is going to put a message on there for us, and this is just a very simple very fast retirement cake that is for male or female, and we will pipe a little bit of grass on there. And here is to the good life, happy retirement. And those are my ideas for a retirement cake that should be lots of fun, thank you so much this is Deborah Quinn with Pastry Swan Bakery Palm Desert, California.