in this clip I want to cover getting digital cable or high definition cable into your HD TV set. Now with broadcast, you know when you're just receiving over the air, with an antenna, if you buy a TV that says High Definition tuner inside, that's what that's for. It will allow you to receive High Definition signals into your set. With cable, it's a little bit different. Different cable systems encode their system channels a little differently, so you're going to have to get the box from them. So you'll have to get a converter box just like you're probably used to with digital cable to receive the high definition package that you purchase from your cable system. Now the cable box will come with the coax out that will go straight out of the coax box. So you'll plug your cable, this is coax again. Just one cable with a screw end. It'll come out of your wall into your box, out of the box into the TV, and you can look at connecting your cables into your TV in the other clips. But it's literally that simple. Some boxes allow for component, and some boxes allow for HDMI out into your set to get the better signal. But the regular old cable will actually do. If you have the other options, I would suggest using those to get the best signal out of your box and into your set to give you the best image possible.