Hello, I'm Micheal Piacenza, with Advantage Pest Control in St. Petersburg, Florida. I'm often asked, how to get rid of fleas in furniture. Well, depends on the type of furniture. But basically, I'm going to treat that furniture, like I would, carpeting or the pet's bed, something like that, if it's fabric based, especially. I go after the eggs and the larva, with a combination of a boric acid and a botanically based pesticide from like, EcoSmart. Okay, these two products mixed together, are going to give us a really good effect with the eggs and the larva. So, what you want to do is, you want to dust it on to the fabric and work it in. It does, it is a desiccant, so it dries them out. And it'll also dry your hand out, if you're susceptible to your hands drying easily. You might want to put on some rubber gloves. And just work it into all the cracks and crevices of that furniture.o.k. Even if it's leather furniture, you have leather on the outside, but you're going to have fabric underneath. You want to work that down, into the fabric, okay. Now, if you've got a really bad infestation in the furniture, you might want to also use a Permethrin spray, like an aerosol spray. Not a bomb, that you're just going to lick off and leave the room. I like to use the type that you can point and spray, yourself. So, you control, how much of it is going on there, unless if it's going distant in he atmosphere, okay. So, be careful, if you're doing this on a leather. You might want to test to see some of these, the aerosol comes out and drops sometimes. Do that on an area that you wouldn't mind staining and to see, how that's going to go, alright. With leather, I think most of it is going to be taken care of, with the botanical dust and the boric acid, alright. Now, you're going to be treating your furniture, but make sure you treat the rest of the environment. And basically, you're going to be doing it very, very similarly. You're going to use that dust, spread it evenly, put it across as much of area, as you possibly can. Especially, the carpeting, rugs that are underneath the furniture, any of that kind of stuff. So, hopefully, this was helpful, I'm Michael Piacenza with Advantage Pest Control, coming to you from sunny, St. Petersburg, Florida.