Homemade Christmas melted snowmen decorations

Everybody knows that the best part of Christmas is the build up to the big day. And there’s nothing like making DIY Christmas decorations with a fire, some mulled wine and ELF playing in the background to get you in the spirit.

We kick off our homemade Christmas decoration range with these super cute melted snowmen decorations. They are easy to make and sure to get a laugh, whether hanging from your tree or on a mantel piece display.

The melting snowman effect is the second greatest story ever told.

What you need

Large kosher salt (as opposed to the finer table salt) or alternatively you can use styrofoam
Old light bulbs
Small jam jars
Small twigs from the garden
Small black beads
White, black and orange glass or enamel paint
White glitter paint

Putting it all together

1. The jarhead snowman decoration.

This is simpler take on the complete snowman decoration below. First, wash the glass jars and leave them to dry completely. First paint the jars white with the enamel paint. Add the eyes and nose. Glue the lid back on. You can decide to attach string to hang it from the Christmas tree or place it on the mantel piece.

2. The recycled light bulb snowman decoration.

Use old screw top light bulbs and remove the inner filament. Paint the bulbs with the white glitter glue and leave to set. Add the black and orange enamel paint for the eyes and nose. Attach small twigs with glue to the bulbs for the arms. Glue the string to the tip of the bulb to use as a Christmas tree ornament.

3. The melted snowman effect.

Use a clear glass christmas ball (you can buy this for painting) or a jam jar similar to step 1. Fill the clear glass jar with kosher salt or styrofoam balls. Add the small black beads. Seal the jar and attach string for hanging it to the Christmas tree.

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