All right now we are going to start applying mud. Now the first step in applying mud is making sure we put tape on all the joints and cracks. The reason for this is so that if the house shakes or settles or moves or something like that your joints are protected from cracking. So here we go. Now all of these mesh tapes have one side that has glue on it and one side that doesn't. Put the glue side to the drywall and press it on and use your razor knife to cut it when your done. Do the same thing in all corners. I like to lay the tape out on the corner and then use my fingers to press it in to the corner so that I get a nice stick on both sides, both the top and the bottom. Now we're only going to do just a little place here to show you how to do this and then we're going to move on in to mudding. All the corners get done, all the joints get done, and all the edges of your corner bead should get done too. That's pretty much what taping is.