Hi! This is Ashlee from Pet Planet in Riverton, Utah. Today, we're here to tell you how you could possibly make a humane bunny trap just in case you lost your bunny or you find one that needs help. One thing is, you can just use a wooden box, piece of string and a stick and a carrots. And what you can do is if you're not sure how to use those, you can look those formats up on line, they usually give you the format forum to how to make 'em. Also, there's you can go to your local hardware store and pick up one of the bigger humane traps for your bunny rabbit. The humane trap just basically secures your animal and make sure that is not hurt in the process so it uses a door and once the bunny rabbit goes in there to get the carrot, what it will do is it will sense through his hair 'cos it's got a like a little step and once it goes in, it will slam the door shut and he will be safe and secure until you go on and check on him. If you have any further questions about this, you can contact us at petplanetriverton@gmail.com and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.