Good afternoon my name is Tom Brintzenhofe, Certified Master Tech out of Reading, Pennsylvania. Today I'm going to talk to you a little bit about how do leaf springs work. We're talking about suspension lines. You have various types of suspension. You have coil suspension which is just basically what they call it. It's like a little slinky, a little coil. You have a leaf spring which is basically one long piece of metal, several different pieces of metal hooked together in a series going up and down and as the weight comes down on it it bends almost like a horseshoe. You have coil over strut which is basically a big cartridge filled with gas and then a spring on top of it. You have shocks, you have regular chocks, you have coil over shocks which is a shock with a coil on top of it. It basically just breaks down terminology. All they do basically coils, leaf springs, shocks, all they basically do is they take the bounce and the shock when you hit a pothole or in some cases you drive up over a curve but in essence all they is when the engine, the whole vehicle goes down on a leaf spring the leafs would flex out and basically take that force from that bump out of the shock in the cab and just basically sooths everything out and all it basically is is just a resistance to the weight coming down but that is basically how a leaf spring works.