Hey, I'm Chelsea Bagozzi with suburbanheresy.com, and I'm going to talk a little bit about your eyelashes and how long it takes for them to grow back in. I know a lot of people have nervous habits where they pull their lashes out or sometimes because of hormones or external factors, your eyelashes can fall out. And it's frustrating and it can take a while for them to grow back, but they do grow back. It takes...if a lash is pulled out by the root, it takes about six to eight days for it to come...to surface. But it can take from nine months to a year for it to grow completely back all the way to its original length. And it should continue to grow back, even if you have been compulsively pulling your lashes out or have had problems where they've, you know, fallen out time and time again. It shouldn't permanently damage the hair follicle. They should continue to grow back. Sometimes, if the hair follicle is really damaged, it can take a little bit longer for them to grow back, and sometimes they will grow back a little bit thinner. But they will grow back. It does take about six months, at the least, for them to...for them to grow back, and about nine months for them to be their original length, and sometimes even a year, just depending on how healthy your lashes are and how healthy you are.