Hi, I'm Charles Stewart Jr. and I'm going to show you how to convert a WMA file to a MP3 file. The reason you'd want to do this is WMA is more focused towards Windows and players like The Zune. Granted there are other players out there that do support that. But if you have an IPod which a lot of America does. You going to need something other than a WMA to play on that. So a good thing to do is. To transcode it into a MP3 format because MP3's pretty much universal with any player. So obviously sense we're talking about IPods I'm going to use ITunes as an example because ITunes is a free download. So first you'll want to open up ITunes and go into your preferences. It's you know pretty easy to find. If you go up there and go to advanced and go to import. Now you can set how when ever a you know. You put in a music CD or you drop in a file. You can have it so it automatically trans codes it. To what ever format you want. I like using MP3 cause that way I know. I can pretty much take that file and go anywhere with it. So I'm going to do MP3 in coder and then you can choose the quality. I'm going to keep it at a hundred and sixty three kilobits and I just hit OK. So now I've got my file on my desk top and I'm just going to drag it over here. To the to my music library and when I drop it in. It's going to ask me. Do you want to convert this WMA file to a MP3 file? And I'm going to hit yes. So lets convert it and what it's going to do. It's going to start converting that file and when it's finished. You'll have a converted MP3 file from a WMA and that's it.