Okay, this instruction is for disposing of batteries. Alkaline batteries can be disposed of in the landfill. Also, the more toxic, rechargeable batteries like the nickel metal hydride or the nickel cadmium batteries, most municipalities will have a recycling project, so you can dispose of them at your local landfill. The chemicals inside those are somewhat toxic, so should be disposed of safely and properly. Typical alkaline or carbon zinc batteries, which are the real old ones, they can be disposed of in your normal landfill, but a lot of municipalities will also have recyclable departments that will take a standard alkaline battery, as well. Okay, cellphone batteries should also be disposed of properly. Just about every cellphone battery has some type of toxic chemical or material inside. Do not dispose of them in any type of fire. Do not discard them in a fire, or, of any type, 'cause it could explode causing you bodily damage.