Hello, my name is Eric White. Today we're going to talk about how to set up a free Internet e-mail address. So first things first, go to gmail, that's G-M-A-I-L dot google dot com. That's going to bring you up to this page. In the lower right hand corner, right here, about mid-page actually, you're going to see a sign up for Gmail. Go ahead and click on it.What that's going to bring up is this account creation application. So you want to put your first name, last name, the desired login name. That's basically going to be what your e-mail address is, your e-mail address. So put your name in there, and then you can click this button to see if it's available. If you have a popular name you want to use, it may not be available. You'll choose your passwords, and security question. You get your password if you forget it. Just follow the form all the way down to the bottom and accept, and it'll create your account. Once your account's created, you can go to gmail.google.com and just login and there's your e-mail and that's all there is to setting up a free e-mail account.