Hi, this is Liz Muller, from Liz's Hair Design in Hollywood, Florida. In this clip, I'm going to show you how to switch red hair to blonde. Now, you know red hair is so, so, so difficult because you know it has a lot of pigmentation and it's really, really can turn pink on you, it can turn funny, so it's a process that's going to be very delicate. What you're going to have to do is decolorize the hair quite a few times. You might get that strawberry blonde kind of look, and you're going to have to keep at this, but this is what you want to do. Decolorize the hair to a shade that's you know, close to the blonde that you want, you know if you want a goldy blonde, you know you don't have to worry so much about the orangey look in the hair tone, 'cause you can always tone that down. But what you want to go ahead and do is decolorize the hair, rinse it out, condition it, then you're going to go ahead and fill in your hair, put in the color that you want with your blonde. Go ahead and add the tone that you want with the blonde, by releasing some of the red, maybe you'll add a slight ash to the hair tone. You know not too much because it can turn the hair green, but there's a way of doing in the techniques. Decolorize, and then choose your tone, condition the hair, you might have to redo it again, but you'll go ahead and get that blonde in the hair. Thank you. This is Liz Muller.