Hello, my name is Dr. James Dee. I'm with Hollywood Animal Hospital in Hollywood, Florida. Foods, human foods, that your pet should not be given. Let's start at the beginning. How about bones? Obviously, the animal in the wild, he makes the kill and he eats the carcass. But our babies are a little more protected and we have to worry about the spicules that break off from chewing the bone and the marrow may sound good but the marrow from the bone ends up allowed us to break small spicules off and create problems in the intestinal tract. What about grapes? Grapes would be great except there's a toxic substance in grapes to cause a problem. What about chocolate? Chocolate kisses? A single small item of chocolate probably isn't a problem, but it depends upon the size of your pet. Then dark chocolate such as baker's chocolate is much worse. Then you have the potential of having some severe situations develop. So chocolate is now on our list of what not to give. Coffee, caffeine, some dogs will get hyper or wired or have a racing heart related to it. So we can certainly have side effects related to that. What about garlic or onions? We can have some side effects with that and even many veterinarians including myself use garlic commonly in small amounts to stimulate the appetite. Marijuana, the other drugs? They should definitely be kept off of our list.