Symptoms of Thyroid problems in women. Most often, you see these problems in women that are over fifty with obesity and joint pain. That could be some of the symptoms but also with women that are still child bearing age. There could be infertility, you might see a heart disease symptom. There might be a risk of miscarriage, premature delivery. Preeclampsia because of increased blood pressure in the last three months of the pregnancy. The fetus could be developmentally not being developed correctly. Also you might see, where if the woman who's pregnant has not told the physician everything. For instance, if you've gained weight during the pregnancy and the joint pains have come. You might associate that with the increase in weight gain. However, if you tell your physician these things. They can keep a record of it. And as you talk to them more and more, they will be diagnose you properly. So make sure that you tell your physician all of the symptoms. So they can properly diagnose you.