Hi I'm Rokosz, your Digital Lifestyle Expert and I'm going to show you how to repair some of the scratches if they get on to your DVDs. Nothing is more frustrating, you're watching your favorite movie show that you've dubbed over the DVD and it's freezing. Or, it says disk error on the machine. And it goes or skipping over bad area in disk. It kills me. You think you may never be able to get it into again, but you can. Take a deep breath and I'm going to give you some pointers on how to take care of it. It's real simple. First, you may consider, if you've got a lot of DVDs and CDs like most people, is to go and invest in a professional CD or DVD cleaning machine. Okay. And what that will consist of is it'll clean and that will repair if it doesn't work. It's a little thing that almost looks like a little portable CD player and you put it in there and you know, it still have little pads in there. Usually two sets of pads, a buffing pad and a cleaning pad. And then you'll put the, you put the juice around the buffing pad and the you put it in, you push play and it'll look like it's playing the disk. Except it'll make a grinding noise, it'll sound like it's eating it. But that's cool, it's alright. When it comes out, you can test it; if the cleaning isn't enough and you put it back in and then it actually will try to go repair. You can also get a cheaper version, around about twenty or thirty dollars where you can get the liquid that goes in there 'cause what happens is, is that you got the scratch; scratch is very analogous to the scratch on a, on a phono record. Alright. The laser needs to read in a spiral out and there's a scratch in front of it. The laser doesn't know where to go, it refracts the light. When you can get a little bit of that dupe and sort of put it on and using the cloth that they provide or either a lintless cloth, moving in through and kind of filling in the scratches and that's kind of like dragging your finger in the dirt and then just sort of filling it in again, trying to create that groove. Again, cleaning is always a good first step, a good way to clean; again, lint free rug and you want to always push away. You never want to do little circles. Again, you could create, you could create secondary scratching in there and looping is not very good. Get it nice and clean there, if not, they do have some professional services out on the web that use, that use, that you can send a discount and do some professional repairing to the disk, some local places have that outbound service. You'll pay a couple of bucks for it, more than replacing the movie. But if it's your precious memories, your wedding discs, this is something you want to invest in, like me, Rokosz, your Digital Lifestyle Expert saying stream you later.