Hi my name is Annaise Chaul, I own Brazilian Beauty Lounge. We are going to talk about now how to remove hair from facial in women. We know we have some lip hair. I just did the demonstration on the lip. Now we are going to talk about how to get rid of hair on the chin. Some women we have hormones hair, which is very thick. The wax does not work as much. Shaving is not the best. I don't recommend the shaving, and I don't recommend the waxing also. What I recommend for the chin when you have those thick hormone hairs for women is the laser hair removal. Is the best for the chin area, and also the cheeks you can have like thicker hairs on the cheeks. The laser is the best for that. When you have this peachy fuzz hair on your face I strongly recommend waxing. When we have those hormone thick hairs the only thing to get rid of that very safely, and beautifully, I don't know if that's a word like that. It is the laser. So this is hair from her face is gone. She has very beautiful, and smooth skin now.