Hi, I'm Deborah DeMirza and I'm at Deluxe, a resale fashion boutique in Eugene, Oregon and today I'm going to show you how I measure a suit size. What I usually do is lay the jacket down flat. And if you need to button the top button, you can do that to make sure that you've got it opened out as much as possible. you take your end of your tape measure or your ruler, and you take it to the side seams right underneath the arm sleeve, where it attaches, and then you measure all the way across. This says it's twenty one inches, so of course you double that, so this would be a forty two inch chest. And then to measure the pants, what I do is I take the waist band and attach it, and then what you can do is take the tape measure or ruler and you put it at the side of one seam and then to the other side, and sure that both the front and back are even. So this says it is eighteen and a quarter, so you just double that. So that makes it thirty six and a half. And then what you also do is measure the inseam and that will give you the length from the inseam to the hem of the pants. So you take your tape measure right at the crotch on that seam that goes... and then just gently move your tape measure down. You don't want to stretch the pants 'cause then you'll get an inaccurate reading, and just kind of gently smooth it down to the bottom of the pant hem. And that's a twenty eight inch inseam. And that's how I measure a suit.