So usually the usually the hardest thing about replacing a blown fuse is finding the fuse box because very often it is in a very dusty corner of the basement and they are a bunch of them down there. So this is Robert Markey. I've been in construction for many years and we are going to talk about how to replace a blown fuse. So once you actually find the fuse box and it is the right one and you make sure it is the right one, open up and if there is a list of what is what over here of which room, what things there are, it's going to give you a clue as to which fuse it is. Sometimes you can't read that so you have to look right at the fuse and find the one that is blown which is sort of purplish and it is sort of obvious that it is blown. There is stuff that you can see on the inside so when that happens you take the blown fuse out and you take the replacement fuse and you want to make sure that it is the same ampage, that's a 20 amp fuse so your replacement also wants to be a 20 amp fuse. Screw it back in, close it up and then if you want to go check and make sure that whatever didn't work before it blew now works. I'm Robert Markey and we have been talking about how to replace a blown fuse.