An underbite is a situation where a patient's lower teeth actually overlap with the upper teeth. In a normal situation, typically the upper teeth will overlap vertically and horizontally over the bottom teeth. That is what we consider a normal bite. We know that in today's world there's many variations on this bite and the underbite happens to be one of them. What typically we see is patients have what we call the bulldog look where the lower teeth simply come out farther than the top teeth which is unusual. It's because of that that it changes the posture of your face. It can change the way the muscles look, the way you smile, the way you talk, the way you eat. All those things can be compromised by having an underbite, so the question is, you know, can braces fix an underbite? It is a very complicated question because it really depends on the degree of the underbite that you have. Sometimes, with a very simple case it can be treated orthodontically with braces; however, there are times where more than braces will be needed to fix an underbite. An example is if you have a very dramatic underbite. Sometimes it requires corrective surgery by using an oral surgeon for what we call orthognathic surgery. So, in certain circumstances, if the underbite is too excessive it would require not only braces, but typically a corrective surgery by an oral surgeon to actually re move the jawbones around in the mouth in order to restore the normal relationship between the upper and lower teeth. Underbites are typically more difficult to treat, and are typically referred to the orthodontist for treatment, and then furthermore, may require an oral surgeon to correct it; however, underbites are able to be fixed. They just tend to take a little bit longer, and sometimes require more complicated procedures.