Hi, I'm Roe Sie with Ninja Green, and I'm going to show you how to overseed your lawn. Sometimes, the most well taken care of lawns can get bare patches for whatever reason. So, occasionally, you may find yourself needing to put some seed, or wanting to fill in some bare patches in your lawn. So, what you're going to do is overseed. You're going to get a bag of seed that's appropriate for the type of are that you're going to be putting your grass down on. And, in this case, I've got some sun and shade mix, because it's an area that gets a mixture of sun and shade. And, basically, you're just going to toss the seed, just take some of the seed, toss it into the bare patches based on the general recommendations and amounts that you'll see on the back of the bag. It'll tell you how much you need to put down. So, once you get the seeds down, then you're going to want to take some compost or potting soil to cover it up, to give the seeds coverage so that they stay moist, are protected from getting eaten by birds flying by, and so they stay moist so they have a chance to sprout and take root. Once you've got a nice little layer of soil or compost on top of your seeds, then the next step is to simply water it in and keep it moist, but not super saturated. You want to water it every day very briefly just to keep the soil moist. If it dries out completely, you're going to lose your sprouts. And, if you water it too much, it'll get moldy and rot. I'm Roe Sie with Ninja Green in Los Angeles, and that's how to overseed a lawn.