Hi, I'm James with JNC Home Repair. Today I'm going to show you how to choose the right circular saw blade. First thing you want to know is what type of saw you have, what size saw you have. Right here we've got a 7 1/4 inch circular saw, or Skil saw, most people just call them Skil saws. And you want to match the blade size to the type of saw that you have. You don't want to get a blade that's too small or too big because it's not going to fit in your saw right and it's just not going to work. So that's the first thing to consider when you're choosing your blade. The next thing to consider when you're choosing a blade is what type of material you're actually going to be cutting. If you're going to be cutting just basic lumber, like 2x4's, 2x8's, different types of just lumber, you probably want to use a cross cut blade, or a framing blade. There's going to be these types of blades on the blade itself, that's what they're going to look like, just like that. It's also going to tell you on the blade, too, before you buy it, it's going to tell you on the blade itself what it's used for and basically what type of materials you can cut with it. Another type of blade here, the little tips right here, the little blade tips are a lot smaller. This type of blade you want to use for like plywood or some kind of rough type of wood like that, it's going to cut it a lot smoother. If you try to use one of these cross cut blades on a piece of plywood it's going to splinter it a lot and it's not going to give you a real smooth cut. So you want to kind of match your blade to the type of wood that you're going to be cutting to give you the best results when you actually cut it.