I'm Carlos. I work at Universal Cycles in Studio City, California, and today I'll show you how to pick the best pedals for your mountain bike. Okay, so here we have three different types of pedals, two clipless pedals and one flat pedal. These two clipless pedals we have this one here is more I would say, more like your cross country pedal and this pedal here having, it's a clipless pedal but it has a external cage. Now, who would use this pedal? Maybe someone who is, does more downhill type riding that wants to be clipped in but at the same time wants a large platform that they could step on in case that they are not clipped in. Most of the people that would use a flat pedal would be someone that maybe just rides their mountain bike casually and doesn't want to use clipless pedals. Also, this pedal itself is kind of a nicer pedal that maybe your real casual riders wouldn't want because it's really sticky and it has these pins here that really grip your foot. They may not want this type of pedal with the pins but they would want a flat pedal. Now, who might want to use this pedal would be someone who is doing maybe, you know, like serious mountain biking, either racing downhill or something else like that. The advantage of a clipless pedal versus a flat pedal is that you're actually clipped into the pedal and some people maybe have a little bit more control of their bicycle when they're clipped in versus not clipped in. The advantage of this pedal over these two pedals is basically these pedals in one. It gives you some of the features of a flat pedal but also the features of a clipless pedal, you know, where you're clipped in but also has a flat platform. The down side to this is it's heavy. It's probably heavier than both of these pedals. So, I'm Carlos, and I just showed you how to pick the best pedal for your mountain bike.