I am here to talk about swollen fingers and how you can reduce the swollen fingers. There are a few causes for swollen fingers and what you want to determine is why the fingers are swollen in the first place and that would help us to understand how we can stop them from being swollen or reduce the swelling. Sometimes fingers are swollen because of a diet that is very high in sodium and alcohol and things that are unhealthy. Another reason for swollen fingers could be medication and another reason for swollen fingers could just be arthritis or illnesses that a person might have so one of the things that I like to do to reduce swollen fingers is 1) microcirculation. So by giving a gentle massage and I like to use a little bit of cream because it feels better but by giving a gentle massage to the hand and by kind of pulling the swollen fluid down the fingertips and working it even back up and by even putting the person's elbow on the table and putting it so that their hand is pointing up and that would kind of bring things down. Gravity kind of works with you in this respect and just kind of giving a nice hand massage and doing this on a regular basis and recommending that your client does it a couple of times a day. That is one thing to do for any kind of swollen fingers but when you are dealing with someone who has swollen fingers because of their diet you can make some recommendations to them and I am sure that their doctor would back you up. You would want to recommend to them to watch the sodium intake and have them drink plenty of water and those would be the best ways to reduce swollen fingers.