A lot of people do not feel comfortable with free handing, so they come up with different ways of doing it. Unlike a wood burner, a pencil when you draw it on there, you can erase the lines, but once you start with a wood burner, that is a permanent line and it’s really hard to go back and erase. So there’s a couple of different ways that I would recommend getting the image on. One of the things I do is I work a lot from photographs, these are some particular photographs that I’ve taken of an eagle. We’re going to get started right now on one project on how to transfer. I’ve decided to use this picture right here and you have to trace it, basically what I want to do is basically just trace the edge line of the bird. And we’ll get started right now, loosely tracing the edge line, now one of the advantages of doing this is I want to play around with the different angles that I need. So by doing this, I’ve been able to put the images in, play around and position them the way I want.