Hi, I'm Chris Faircloth, artistic director and co-owner of Salon Teez. For expert village, this is how to trim women's hair. When trimming hair, it's important to know that there's basically three areas that we're going to be working in. Now we need to map those areas out as best we can. We have a front area, sides, and of course the back. So we need to kind of blueprint our map out so that we have a good understanding and a good starting point when trimming the hair. In order to do that, we need to create a right and a left back, and a right and a left front. To start off, comb the hair straight back, to get it out of the face shape so that you can see your reference point, which is going to be the nose. Laying the comb flat on the scalp, just directly above the nose, we'll begin to comb slightly back. But as I comb back, I'm lifting the comb, or the spine of the comb, off the scalp, keeping the teeth on the scalp, just to the highpoint of the head, and then separating the two sides. From the high point of the head, I continue this line straight down, to the center back. Now, I've created a right and a left side. I now want to create my front to back sections. I'm holding the entire left side of the head form, but I'll use my finger almost as a finger gun, and place just it just in the top of the ear. Once I have my finger placed, my comb goes in at the top of the highpoint of the head. It simply combs down to the end of my finger point. I can pinch the hair and then just pull the sections apart. So now I've created a right front and a right back. I'll pin the hair out of my way so that I keep the sections nice and clean. We'll do the same on the other side. At the high point of the head, simply combing a straight line down into that finger. Now I can pinch that off, clean up any little bit of hair that I have still kind of down there towards the end, and comb that section there out of my way. Now I have a left front as well as a left back.
Looking from the top view, you'll notice that we have our right section back, our left section back, our front section and our front section left. So now we have the four sections separating the front, the sides and the back. And we're ready to begin trimming hair.