Hi, I'm Carmen, beauty stylist expert and the owner of The Grand Beauty Spa in Tampa. I'm going to show you how to create bridal hairstyles. This is my model, Bianca, and I have prepped her so far with some curls using a large barreled curling iron. So, when you prep your hair at home you'll want to go through and iron the entire head with nice soft loose curls. Next step I'm going to do is I'm going to divide the front sections and just pin them away and we're going to start at the back. Beginning at the crown, take your first section of hair and tease the hair down to the base creating some volume, smooth the tiny little hairs away and take the ends of the hair, tuck them in and roll the hair creating a nice pin curl and pin away at the base. Working in the center so I've created a nice roll here and have sprayed it, we're going to work going down this middle section, creating another pin curl and then another one. So tease hair, back comb to the base. Using a large bobby pin, pin the hair and tuck it away and reinforce it crisscrossing at the base. Use a little bit of spray. Using another large bobby pin and twist away and another bobby pin until you run out of hair, just fold in the ends in. Always back combing your hair for added support, it stays, it gives you volume. I'm going to go the opposite way this time and again fold in the hair and tucking it away. So that was three sections of hair so far. This is our fourth section of hair. I'm going to back comb, put your head down a little bit, smoothing, taking your large bobby pin again and folding it through and reinforcing it right behind with another pin. And now we're going to work, go to the next to the other side and again we're just building, building the hair up, taking your large pin, hair pin and tucking it away and it's always good to just go back behind it and crisscross it for reinforcement. Always just folding over the hair where it needs to go, you can see how beautiful we've built this up. Now we come to the front sections and we'll do this side first and depending on what looks good on you you can go to the side, the middle, crisscross the part. It's endless what you can do from here but you'll back comb these sections and take them back and you can see what beautiful shape we're creating for the bride. You can also leave a little bit of hair out in the front for a little softness depending on what kind of feeling a little more romantic feeling. Again taking the hair pin and folded it in and pinning. You can even leave some sections out just depending on again what your hair is like and what kind of mood you're going for for your wedding. And we have the last section. We've done this so far with one, two, three, four, five, six, this is the seventh section. So you can see how simple this can be. And then spraying away and you could place your tiara right here would be really beautifully right at the crown. You could also place it in the back. And there you go, a beautiful bridal hairstyle to try at home. You can visit us at Grandbeautyspa.com for more information, and I hope you like it. Thank you so much. I'm Carmen.