Hi, I'm Victor Paul. And you are here at The Living Room Salon in the city of Costa Mesa. Today, I'm going to show you how to style medium length wavy hair. What I'm going to do on her medium length wavy hair is going to do half up half down. It's really going to be simple and easy for you to style at home. What you want to do though something that's kind of key important is taking your sections up more at a diagonal from back to back. But you want to do it more in a so it's almost like a triangle right here. So, this side going up, this side going up. What that will do is when you do your little twist in the back it will cover the lines, so that way you don't see. Most people tend to want to just split it right down the middle and go half and half and then do a roll like that. But what happens with that is you get this line which isn't that flattering. It's a really large separation. So, by coming up from the bottom and going up to the top is a lot better way to hide that, and it's just a little bit softer. So, I'm going to let you see that. The angle is more like this and like this. So, when you are at home, just kind of run your fingers through your head and go up like that. That will make a huge, huge difference. So, take your fingers come straight up to the, the point. You've created your triangle in the back. I'm going to make it a little higher and a little sharper. So, that's your angle. And then, I want to just take this hair with my fingers, just kind of finger through it. Take it and then bring it back into almost into a ponytail. You are going to be using the large bobby pins. And then I'm going to just take the hair, I'm going to take it and I'm just going to twist it round, just like that. And then, I'm going to take the large bobby pin, I'm going to stick it right in there. Actually, I'm going to stick it right at the top. And then I'm going to be using the smaller bobby pins now. And then I'm going to take it and twist over. And I'm going to take this side and I'm going to twist in but you want to kind of put it in and then lock it down. Same thing over here. Just take it and then lock it in. And then that will keep it nice and tight and secure. And then you want to put one like kind of in the middle and then going down. And that will stay like that. And then just kind of fluff the rest together. Then with a little bit of hairspray, take the hairspray and get rid of the flyaways that you have. And just spraying them a bit down. After you've, after you've flatten down the flyaways you are going to come back in to it and pick it back out. And just make it a little bit looser. And I'm Victor Paul, and this is how I style medium length wavy hair.