Hi my name is Reyonna Orr and I've been a stylist for more than ten years now. My shop is in Eastpointe, Michigan and I'm here to show you a step by step process of how to cornrow. Now the difference in cornrowing and French braiding is the amount of hair that you are using. So the first step would be to part the area in which you would like to cornrow. Once you have done this you insure that the hair is separated so that the part stays straight. You take three pieces of hair starting at the beginning of the scalp, about equal in size. It is not an exact science, you know do the best you can. You begin to overlap that hair one piece at a time holding the hair as close to the scalp as possible. You continue to do this all the way until the end of the hair. Sometimes depending on the thickness of the hair the hair can get a little slippery. It is o'kay to pause to insure that your part is still straight and separated and just pull the hair a little tighter. Try not to pull too tight because cornrows tend to get a little tighter over night so your client might not be so happy the next day. I'm Reyonna Orr and this is a step by step process of how to cornrow hair.