Hi I'm Les Whitley. Like to give you a few tips to follow when exercising in the cold weather whether you're running or walking. Again depending on how cold the weather is will affect your runs or your walks not only by how your body responds to the coolness of the weather, but also how well condition you are. Your heart being the working organ that pumps blood throughout your body not only to keep nutrients through there, but also to keep the tissues warm and operating correctly. Typically when you exercise, the blood will pool from your extremities and move closer to your heart and lungs. When exercising, it's important to keep those extremities comfortable. When you're exercising in the cold, the hands, the fingertips tend to lose a a lot of moisture as through sweat. So gloves that you wear make sure that they're wicking moisture away from the body not keeping it trapped in there. Because it's that water or or that sweat becomes cooler, it can actually cause the tissues to to become frozen and and cause some incidences of frostbite. Also remembering head wear. You lose a great percentage of the heat of your body through the top of your head. So when you're exercising, think about keeping your body temperature at a comfortable level by keeping the extremities warm. The feet also come into play. When exercising in the cold, it's important to make sure that the proper footwear because your feet will actually expand as they begin to warm up. So not allow not to have footwear that's too constricting to allow those feet to expand as they do begin to warm up. Also to make sure that when you're exercising in the cold, to wear an extra layer and dress in layers appropriately for the type of weather. The colder it is, the more layers. Because as your body begins to heat up, you may actually have to strip off those layers. Have something that's close to the body that wicks moisture away. Have kind of an insulating layer or something that will keep you warm and also something that's wind or weather proof. Whether you may be exercising and it's raining or snowing or in a windy condition as well, keep your body insulated from the out exterior conditions. The better pre you prepare yourself for that cold weather, the more likely you're to have an efficient running and training session that you you have great results no matter no matter the conditions.