Hi I'm Ed Story. My website is www.feather-craft.com fly fishing. This is a Renzetti true rotatory device and the difference between a fixed right position device and a true rotatory device this actuator arm allows us to wrap hackle using the vise. We could wrap peacock curl, we could wrap tinsel, a number of other products that include chenille for the fly bodies and trout flies. This portion here is actuator arm. The adjustments for tension are right here, and also right here. You could even lock the vise and our fixed position vise. We could loosen that and that would become a true rotatory device again. This particular vise is a pedestal vise which could be set down on any table as oppose to a C-clamp vise which locks to the side of the table. This is a bobbin cradle; when we need it we hang the bobbin in the bobbin cradle like this while we do other steps on the trout fly. When we don't need it we just move it out of the way. When we mount a hook in a true rotatory vise this one is called a nob vise. We mount the hook and the jaw with the shaft shank of the hook, parallel to the table top, lock it down finger tight here, be sure that it's parallel with the table top and lock it down in this position here with the back nob and the hook is solid in the vise jaw, and this is a vise jaw.