How to Undo Bra Straps

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A man's ability to undo a woman's bra smoothly and quickly is often viewed as an indicator that he has other areas of expertise, especially if he can do it with one hand. Though not all bras are the same, there are some general steps to follow when undoing a woman's bra. They are pretty straightforward but take a certain amount of practice.

Isolate the point of tension on the bra strap. This is usually located in the middle of the clasp between the two clips on the back, though sometimes you'll find it on the front. Feel around for the clasp, which will be bumpier and thicker than the rest of the bra strap. The clasp is usually about an inch long.

Place your thumb on the outer side of the clasp and your remaining fingers on the inside of the clasp. Pull the clasp slightly away from the woman's back to avoid pinching her.

In a smooth, quick motion, squeeze the clasp gently between your thumb and fingers. Most bra straps connect on two or three small metal hooks that release when squeezed. If squeezing doesn't do the trick, move your thumb and fingers as if you were rubbing them together. This should unhook the clasps.

When you feel the hooks release, let go and the straps will fall down naturally.

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