How to Unstretch Crocs Straps

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Croc shoes are casual, rubber shoes made for everyday use and trekking through water. Repeated, general wear may cause parts of your Crocs to stretch over time, making it difficult for you to keep them on your feet. Since Croc straps are easily removed, you can shrink the strap by itself to avoid accidentally shrinking the entire shoe.

Remove the straps from your Crocs by gently stretching the opening around the strap button and sliding the strap over the button.

Measure the strap with the tape measure before shrinking.

Lay your Croc straps on a heat-protected counter or tabletop. Turn your hair dryer on to the high-heat setting.

Direct the hot air from the hair dryer back and forth across the strap, allowing the heat to shrink the strap for three to five minutes. Watch the strap for signs of shrinkage.

Toss your Crocs straps into the dryer with damp hand towels for three to five minutes on low to medium heat if you don't have access to a hair dryer.

Remeasure the strap. If it has not shrunk to the desired length, return it to the heat source for another two or three minutes before remeasuring.

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