Homemade Clown Costume From Sheets

clown image by jérôme caffin from Fotolia.com

Clowns are known to invoke humour and dress outlandishly, wearing a mishmash of colours and oversized clothes. Sheets are an ideal canvas for creating a clown costume. They offer a large amount of material in a variety of colours and patterns. Using sheets is also an inexpensive way to create a clown costume, since people often have old sheets in their linen closets. Second-hand sheets can also be purchased from thrift or discount stores.

Hold a hula hoop around your waist and have a helper fasten a piece of fishing line to the front of the hula hoop. Pull the other end of the fishing line over your right shoulder and tie it to the back of the hula hoop.

To further secure the hula hoop, tie another piece of fishing line to the front and pull it over your left shoulder, tying it to the back of the hula hoop. The fishing line should crisscross over your body to help lock the hoop in place. This will form the waistband of the clown trousers.

Choose a brightly-coloured sheet--with as wild a pattern as you can find--to create your clown outfit. Cut a hole for your head in the middle of the sheet, as well as holes for your arms. Let the sheet cascade over you and the hula hoop.

Cut off the edges of the sheet that extend past your feet. Cut slits in the sheet from the bottom front and back ends, and upward to what would be the groin area in a pair of trousers. Glue, sew, or pin the inside left front and back edges and the inside right front and back edges together to form wide, flowing pant legs. Sewing will be the most secure option, however, a fabric glue should hold up well for a one-time wear. Pinning is the ideal choice when short on time and crafting skill.

Add finishing touches--such as clown shoes, a wig, and a red nose--to complete your costume.

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