we are back outside. Why is that? Because we are almost done with this project. The shower, the cartridge is in and now all we've got to do is turn the water back on and see how it is working. Now I just want to tell you that I left the valve open in the shower and the reason you want to do that is when you turn the water on, there is going to be a build up of pressure and there is going to be a big air gap where all that water came out when we had the water off. So we want to fill that air gap and it all blown out once you've turned the water back on. You don't want any problems as far as bursting a pipe or seal or something like that so it's a good thing to do so we just left it open. Now let's go turn off the, I'm sorry turn the water back on with one quick flip of the wrist, here we go. Ahhnh, the sound of rushing water. That means it is going to be running in the shower so let's get into the house quick and turn it off.