What does a Shih Tzu look like? Shih Tzus are a small Asian breeded dog that date back hundreds and hundreds of years to feudal, feudal Japan and a, and a, actually I'm sorry not Japan but Tibet. They are, actually they're small dog characterize by a long flowing hair and they kind of of upturn nose, they are very often given bows or other things to hold their, their bangs up out of their eyes. They are very attractive small species of dog. They have kind of short little legs and a, and a longer type of body. Very popular animal, they are, they're quite cute, they do need a lot of grooming. It'd be pay very close attention to maintaining their coats and any tangles or mats that may, may appear as they are such a long haired animal. And also be aware as with any long bodied animal, dog in particular, that jumping down from high areas and that could possible cause damage to the hips or spine.