Hi my name is Izabella and now I am going to show you how to hide your IP address. The IP address is the is the identification of number of the computer on the internet. For the ones who prefer surfing on the internet and would not like to reveal themselves it is really useful to hide the IP address. Let's open a web browser and wizard the website hide-my-ip.com. On this website you can find useful information and key benefits and features of this program called Hide my ID 2009. You can also download a free trial version of the program if you click on download hide my IP and save and now we have to save the program on the computer. Now it is completed and we have to click on run and have to install it on the computer the usual way. Now the program will appear on the screen soon. Here it is you can see that almost 14 days still remaining from the free trail. Now we click on continue trial and on the tray the icon, the small icon will appear, we click on it and here in this window you can see some quick settings. For example we can change the IP every some minutes or use smart switch to obtain new IP's or launch on start up and if you made your settings you click on hide my IP and now the program is searching for an available IP address. O'kay you can see that your IP address is now hidden.